Eight of us met at the Underhill Center commuter lot at 8:30. A ninth unfortunately didn’t read the meeting location correctly and missed us. We took three cars up to the Underhill State Park, and started up Eagle’s Cut at 9 AM.

The weather was cool, in the 50s F, and partly overcast, with the peaks intermittently in the clouds. We followed Eagle’s Cut, the CCC road, and Maple Ridge to reach the Forehead around 12:15. We then followed the Long Trail north to the visitor center, where we met summit steward Kate, and continued along the ridge to reach the Chin (Mansfield summit) around 2:00.

Along the way we encountered a guy with a dog in a baby carrier and a small child enjoying hiking alongside. We saw Kate again at the summit with another summit steward who was on her first day. We then headed down Sunset Ridge to reach the cars around 4:15, for a 7 hour and 15 minute hike.

Participants: Julie Cimonetti, Helena Nicolay, Benjamin Mastaitis, Annemarie Stout, Corinn Julow, Andy Julow, Tracy Hazen, David Hathaway (leader).