People met in Essex and Underhill Center, consolidated into two cars, and reached the winter parking area around 9. It was cold but not frigid, with overcast skies as we started up.

The road, Eagles Cut, and the CCC road were packed out, so we weren’t all in snowshoes until we reached the Halfway House turn around 10:20. Halfway house at the bottom was packed under some recent snows, but as we neared the top we were taking turns breaking (and finding) trail, and ducking under many heavily snow-laden branches. The temperature wasn’t particularly cold for winter, but the wind was fierce as we gained the ridge around noon.

Three of us, including the trip leader, had been pretty much done in by the climb, and decided to head back down Halfway House instead of going for the summit. The other six headed north on the LT, reaching the summit around 1. After briefly enjoying the views under the cloud deck, the summit group headed down Sunset Ridge. At the register they saw that the first three had already signed out, and we all met up back at the cars around 3:10.

Participants: Dale Schmit, Ted Albers, Steve Titcomb, Jill George, Marcus Keely, Michaela Wentz, Kevin Burke, David Hathaway, Wes Volk (leader).