Mile 2.6 — Division 5 — Elev. 1530 ft

This replaced the Sunnyside Camp (1st)

Built in 1969, by Louis “Sandy” Stare and Killington Section members, this shelter was initially called Sunnyside Camp and was a replacement for the original Sunnyside Camp that burned in 1968.

Sunnyside Camp Constructions, 1969
Sunnyside Camp Constructions, 1969

Like Stare’s first porcupine-plaged project, Lost Pond Shelter, Sunnyside also suffered from unanticipated mishaps. Determined to try his hand at building another shelter, her offered his services to the GMC free of charge. The Killington section and Stare quickly came to an agreement. Treasure Churchill Scott made arrangements to pay for the lumber, and Stare organized volunteers for a big work day.

When the work day arrived, the lumber delivery was late. Undeterred, Stare and. his volunteers got to work preparing the site. When they had finished, the lumber was still missing, so they broke for lunch. After sandwiches were consumed, the lumber has still not arrived. By now, volunteers were slowing disappearing and eventually everyone gave up and went home. When Churchill Scott arrived home, he realized what had happened to the lumber. It had been delivered to his backyard.

Little-by-little, volunteers moved the lumber from Scott’s backyard up to the worksite, and the shelter was completed, late, but completed nonetheless.

Shirley Strong, GMC President, christened the new Sunnyside Camp. Ben Rolston gave a brief history of the old Camp and Sandy’s previous shelter fiascos. Wes Weston, President of the Bennington Section was the keynote speaker.

Minerva Hinchey was a member of the Killington Section for 22 years and served as Business Director for the Long Trail News. She was a dedicated and loyal member of the section, up until her retirement in 1977. After her death in March of 1979, fellow Killington Section member, Mauri Wintturi proposed that Sunnyside Shelter be renamed in her honor. The proposal was quickly approved.

Minerva Hinchey and cat
Minerva Hinchey and cat

Over forty people attended the renaming ceremony, held on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Former GMC President Ben Rolston, who spoke at the first dedication ceremony, expressed the Club’s gratitude for Minerva’s hard work and long service to the Club. Frank Hinchey, Minerva’s nephew, expressed the family’s appreciation for the GMC’s remembrances of Minerva.

Minerva Hinchey's relatives at the renaming ceremony, 1979
Minerva Hinchey’s family at the renaming ceremony, 1979

Located 200 ft from the LT. on a grassy wood road, this framed structure has bunk space for 8. There is a reliable spring nearby. Like Minerva, it has reliably served Long Trail hikers for many years.

Killington Section volunteers at Minerva Hinchey, 2007
Killington Section volunteers at Minerva Hinchey, 2007

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