The newly fallen snow of last week could not have come at a better time for this outing. Six of us met at the Jerusalem trailhead and made our way through the massive sugarbush. Someone had lovingly packed out the trail at its start, some snowshoe tracks and some tracks from likely the sugarbush owner’s ATV checking on his taps.

The breakout continued just past the LT, then we took turns out front but it wasn’t that bad as the snow was light and fluffy in many spots. Then we hit the back country skier area and ended up splitting into two groups, not on purpose. The non-LT followers bushwhacked a bit, popped out on the ski hill twice, then found the tracks of the folks who went the right way! We re-grouped near the top chairlift where many skiers were checking us out, or rather our footwear.

Quick lunch / food, then back down to the winter wonderland! Great way to start the weekend!

Participants: Chris Luczynski, Julie Cimonetti, Liana Edwards, Marcus Keely, Dale Schmit, Robynn Albert (leader). Photos: Chris and Robynn.