Postcard of the Mount Mansfield Hotel
Postcard of the Mount Mansfield Hotel

In 1856 the first overnight lodgings were set up for trampers on Mt. Mansfield. The date has been definitely fixed by Judge Clarence P. Cowles of Burlington through a statement secured by him in April 1924, from Cyrus Mead, of Underhill. The shelter was a tent, and it was set up by David N. Shaw and George Downing near the spot where the hotel now stands. The floor boards for the tent were carried up by a man and a boy. The man carried four at a time and the boy two. They made one trip a day an ther charge for the service was $.25 per board In the same year in which the tent was set up, a trail was definitely cleared up the mountain. At the suggestion of W. H. H. Bingham, a prominent citizen of Vermont and a resident of Stowe, construction was begun in 1858 on a carriage road planned to approach the mountain from the easterly side. The road was built as far as a point under the steepest part of the summit ridge and trail was built from the re to the top. Lumber was hauled over the road and the trail. and a small hotel was erected in 1858 at the place where the tent had stood. An addition to the hotel was built the following year as was another in 1868. Both road and hotel were purchased by the present Mt. Mansfield Hotel Company in 1919. Rebuilding of the entirer road was at once begun in order to make it passable for automobiles. This undertaking was completed two years later. In 1923 the hotel was rebuilt and again enlarged. It is a comfortable and well-managed inn and is altogether an interesting place in which to stay. [OKane, 1926]

Hikers have always been welcome at Summit House which provides 2 bunk rooms for 18, as well as individual rooms. It is open from last week in June to Labor Day. [GB 50th Anniversary Edition 1960]

One of the last of the famous mountain hotels, this hotel burned down in. 1964 after more than 100 years of operation. The only hotel whichw as directly on the Long Trail. An advertisement in GB 3rd Edition 1921 reads, “The Mount Mansfield Hotel Co. cordially invites all trampers to make the Mount Mansfield Hotel their headquarters while visiting this section of the trail. You will receive a hearty welcome. Open from June 1st to October 1st on the Long Trail. C.R. Riley, Manager. Hotel Rates Four dollars and fifty cents and up per day. American plan. Weekly rates on application. Bunk room for hikers, if desired, at reduced rates. [GB 5th Edition 1924]

The last season open as a hotel was 1959. [LT News, May, 1960]

This is now occupied by the Summit Station, Television Station WVNY and FM Radio Station WEZF. Here, during the summer season, snacks may be purchased and a telephone is available. [GB 22nd Edition 1983]