Well, this might be the shortest trip report I’ve ever written, unfortunately. I did not last long into the hike due to being ill. Sore throat and ear ache reared its ugly head when I started out and I had zero energy after a very short time.

After Phil and Jill caught up with me, I told them I’d turn around at Taft Lodge and wait for my riders; Phil replied that I was not doing my immune system any favors. I guess that was all I needed to hear so I turned around maybe 45 minutes into the hike and descended to the Barnes Camp lot. It had filled up since we arrived at 8:30 am with skiers. I moved the car over to the Stowe skier lot so I had full-on sun. It was so warm that I never needed to turn the car’s heater on for warmth, the sun did its trick the whole day.

The snow guns were going full blast, I had music, a nap, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, more NPR, lunch and a short walk up the Notch Road until shortly after the Stowe-Cambridge line to keep me entertained until the crew returned. The time actually went by pretty quickly. Kelly and Dale were the first out at 1:55 pm and instead of telling me what I wanted to hear (it was raining sideways, 60 mph winds, then sleeting, or some other fabricated story!), they of course told me the truth – gorgeous conditions, lots of new snow, beautiful views, etc. And I am very happy they did not shorten their day and took many fantastic pictures!

Participants: Kelly Lavallee, Sally Drudi, Dale Schmit, Jill George, Phil Hazen, Tom Mowatt, Robynn Albert (leader… for a little bit).

Photos: Dale, Jill, Phil, Robynn.