We started hiking South on the LT from the junction of Rte. 108 and the LT. Rain had been on and off (mostly on) all morning and as soon as we got into the woods, the “torrential rains” that Steve Zind had forecasted began.

Hiking South under steady and heavy rains, we proceeded up to Taft Lodge. A welcome sight indeed. We lunched there and had a visit with resident caretaker Erica. Maggie the very “buff” black lab did her utmost to show intense interest in everyones’ lunch. She did get a few tidbits. We had a bit of international flavor again with a German and a woman from Montreal. What a trooper — Suzanne garnered the “most chic apparel” award for the garbage bag H20 shedder!

Since visibility was nearly nil, we decided to head back down. Nice stop at Taft and several folks hadn’t been there since the renovation in ’96. Despite the drowned rat effect we all had at hikes end, all agreed it was a fun trip. Better ‘n a day at the office!

Participants: Pat Collier, Dot Myer, Suzanne Daningburg (Montrealer), Anneliese Koenig (Resident German), Carlene Squires, Wendy Savoie & wonder dog Maggie, Pete Saile