A big part of our club has always been our outings.

We have traditionally asked our leaders to plan trips 3 to 5 months in advance, so we can publish them in Ridgelines. This has worked well for us, and will not change.

But scheduling far in advance has its downsides. We would like people to have the opportunity to schedule trips on short notice, and communicate them to our members and friends who might be interested in coming along. These could be trips on weekdays or on weekend days when we don’t already have similar trips scheduled.

To enable this sort of ad hoc trip, in addition to our Ridgeline published trips, the Burlington section has created and is sponsoring the Green Mountain Club Burlington Section Outdoor Adventures meetup group. For those not familiar with it, meetup.com is a site designed to facilitate “meetup” events among groups of like-minded people.

If you are interested in participating in such ad hoc trips, follow the link above and join the group. If you are interested in creating such events (you need to be a GMC member), join the group and then send a meetup message to organizer David Hathaway.