Often refferred to as Noyes Pond Lodge, thislog cabin was built in 1925 just a few yards from the shore of South Pond, by the Proctor Section and the GMC Trail Comittee. This camp was built to supplement the existing shelter called “Noyes Pond Lodge” which only had a single bunk and was privately owned.

Noyes Pond Camp, late 1930's
Noyes Pond Camp, late 1930’s

By 1937, the cabin needed repairs. The US Forest Service, which had built many shelters in the area, refushed to rebuild because the land around the pond was not yet owned by the Federal Government. The Proctor Section took it upon itself the rebuild this shelter, using pieces from the old one. Volunteer labor and the use of old parts meant the cost of the shelter was $137.64.

Noyes Pond Camp, 1933
Noyes Pond Camp, 1933

Noyes Pond Camp was replaced by Rolston’s Rest Shelter about 3/4 mile south on the Jimmie Dean Brook in 1966.

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