8/6 (Sat) Bolton Mt & Puffer Shelter
We will hike up an old abandoned section of the long trail from Bolton Valley ski area. At the intersection with the current Long Trail we will go north over Bolton Mountain to Puffer Lodge and enjoy the most stunning views on the Long trail. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. Group limit 8. Contact leader by 8/4. Phil Hazen, 355-7181 or philhazen@comcast.net.

8/7 (Sun) Mansfield Loop
From the state park we’ll head up the CCC road and Halfway House Trail, then follow the Long Trail to the summit and return down Sunset Ridge. Difficult hike. 7 miles. 3000′ elevation gain. Rich Larsen, 878-6828 or larsen007@aol.com.

8/13 (Sat) Sawteeth, Pyramid, & Gothic, Adirondacks – Canceled
Forecast 48 hours in advance is for 80% chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms, so no hike.
From the Ausable Club we’ll take have an easy walk to Lower Ausable Lake, then climb Sawteeth and Pyramid and then continue to Gothics, one of the Adirondack 46 high peaks. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 12.5 miles. 3100′ elevation gain. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.

8/14 (Sun) Colchester Pond
Come enjoy a casual hike around a glacial pond, bobcat habitat and historical farmland. Moderate hike. Moderate pace. 5 miles. 250′ elevation gain. Group limit 8. Contact leader by 8/12. Adam Heckle, aheckle@uvm.edu or 233-8091.

8/21 (Sun) Niquette Bay State Park
We’ll walk the full circumference of Niqutte Bay State Park. Plan on a 5 mile approx. 2 hr. outing with mostly uneven terrain, some small hills, a little rock scrambling and a set of steep stairs. Dogs welcome if leashed where indicated. Entrance fee unless you have Green Mtn. Passport. Wear proper footwear for hiking and bring water. Easy hike. 5 miles. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 8/19. Nancy Hankey, vtgardener1@myfairpoint.net.

8/27 (Sat) Big Crow Mountain and Nun-da-ga-o Ridge (Adirondacks)
The best of the Adirondacks isn’t always the high peaks. We will start from Crow Mountain Clearing, ascend Big Crow (2815′), follow the ridge to Weston Mountain (3195′), descend past Lost Pond and return to the trailhead. Frequent viewpoints from the ridge and no backtracking. Moderate hike. 5.6 miles. Group limit 10. Mary Lou Recor, 660-2834 or mlrecor@myfairpoint.net.

8/28 (Sun) Cantilever Rock
From the Underhill State Park we’ll head up the Sunset Ridge Trail and take the spur to Cantilever Rock. Easy hike. Moderate pace. 4-10 miles. 1200′ elevation gain. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.