12/3 (Sat) Devil’s Gulch
A 3.8 mile loop on the Long Trail that passes a lake and a gulch. Moderate snowshoe. 3.8 miles. Substitute leader David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or  802-899-9982.

12/4 (Sun) Sterling Pond
We’ll hike to Sterling Pond from the top of Smugglers Notch (if 108 is open) or from the winter parking in Stowe on 108 (if it’s closed). Easy or difficult hike / snowshoe (depending on whether 108 is closed). Kim Farone, kfarone@yahoo.com.

12/10 (Sat) Mansfield via Laura Cowles Trail
From the Underhill State Park, we’ll climb to the summit of Mt Mansfield via the Laura Cowles Trail. Difficult hike / snowshoe. 5.5 miles. 2550′ elevation gain. Substitute trip leader: David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or  802-899-9982.

12/11 (Sun) Shelburne Bay walk
Enjoy this easy walk through Shelburne Bay Park, a small 104 acre park off of Bay Road. The Shelburne Bay Park trail hugs the bay with the water to the east. We will walk this to its end (which includes small Allan Hill) and walk back via a bike path, then continue across Bay Road and walk through the LaPlatte River Natural Area returning on the Ti-Haul trail.Total distance about 3 to 4 miles depending on route taken. Some good birding possible. Dogs allowed. You are all invited to my house for hot chocolate afterwards if its a chilly day. Easy walk. 3 to 4 miles. Ted Albers, ted@ted-albers.net.

12/17 (Sat) Hunger and White Rocks
To Waterbury we go, as all holiday shopping will be complete, right, and who wants to fight those crowds! Group can decide what summit we’ll hit first. Difficult hike / snowshoe. Strong pace. 6 miles. Robynn Albert, robynnalbert@hotmail.com.

12/18 (Sun) Not-quite-solstice hike
We will meet at the Stevensville trailhead in mid-afternoon to arrive at Butler Lodge to watch the sun setting over the Adirondacks. Eating of chocolate is mandatory. Singing of Christmas carols is optional. Moderate hike / snowshoe (hiking down by headlamp). 3.2 miles. 1500′ elevation gain. Mary Lou Recor, mlrecor@myfairpoint.net or 660-2834.

12/24 (Sat) Christmas Eve Birding!
Let’s walk a dirt road in Addison County looking for Snow Buntings, Horned Larks, Rough-legged Hawks and maybe other raptors, and then stand by the shores of Lake Champlain with a few spotting scopes and ogle diving ducks, loons and grebes. Easy walk. Maeve Kim, 899-4327 or maevulus@surfglobal.net.

12/31 (Sat) Mansfield Ridge
From Underhill State Park we’ll head up Sunset Ridge to the Mansfield Chin (summit), then follow the ridge to the Forehead and return via Maple Ridge and the CCC road. Difficult hike / snowshoe. Moderate to Strong pace. 9 miles. 2600′ elevation gain. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.