1/3 (Sat) Mansfield Ridge

From Underhill State Park we’ll head up Sunset Ridge to the Mansfield Chin (summit), then follow the ridge to the Forehead and return via Maple Ridge and the CCC road. Difficult hike, 9 miles on snowshoes, moderate to strong pace, 2600’ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by New Year’s Day. David Hathaway, 899-9982 or david.hathaway.78@gmail.com

1/10 (Sat) Mt Mansfield from Stowe

Let’s gather on “the other side” of Mansfield for a hike to its summit.  Leaving from Route 108 in Stowe, we’ll follow the Mountain Road to the LT to Taft Lodge then approach the summit; on our descent we’ll take the Profanity Trail back to the trail head. 5 miles round trip, at a strong pace. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 1/8 for further information. Robynn Albert, 878-4036 or robynnalbert@hotmail.com

1/11 (Sun) Moosalamoo State Park with Snowshoes and Crampons

For beginners and experts. Change up winter’s indoor pace and safely enjoy and learn how to explore Vermont’s snow-covered mountains. Group limit 8. Easy hike at a moderate pace, 6-8 miles, 800’ elevation gain. Adam Heckle, 233-8091 or aheckle@uvm.edu

1/18 (Sun) Dewey Mountain

What’s this little knob on the ridgeline just south of the mighty Mansfield? Dewey Mountain? Sounds cute. Warning: Sign up only if you don’t mind getting lost, with the occasional bull moose blocking the easiest route. Difficult bushwhack, strong pace, estimated 7 miles, 2000’ elevation gain. Wolfgang Hokenmaier, 343-8175 or hogges@gmx.net

1/19 (Mon) Monday Holiday Hike on Mt. Stimson

Come join us on a hike with Dave Hardy, GMC Director of Trail Programs. This hike will leave from the Bolton Resort Access Road and follow the new Long Trail relocation to Bolton Notch Road. Check out the nice views from the top of  Mt. Stimson on this newly constructed section of trail. Moderate, 4.5 miles. Dave Hardy, 343-9017.

1/24 (Sat) Sunset Ridge Trail

We’ll hike (snowshoe) from winter parking at Underhill State Park to the
Chin and then back down. Moderate hike, moderate pace, 6.6 miles, 2600’ elevation gain. Wes Volk, 355-4135 or wesvolk@gmail.com

1/25 (Sun) Camels Hump – Catamount Ski Trail by Snowshoes and Crampons

Don’t let the cold stop you from outdoor adventures. Break that routine and  come enjoy a snowy hike on the Catamount Trail. Moderate terrain, moderate pace, 8 miles, 1200’ elevation change. Group limit 8. Contact leader by 1/20. Adam Heckle, 233-8091 or aheckle@hotmail.com

1/31 (Sat) Camels Hump via Forest City Trail
This trip was cancelled on December 13 due to many downed trees in Huntington, so barring any road closures or Nor’easters!, I’ve decided to bring it back to life! Six miles, strong pace. Group size 10. Guaranteed great company! Contact leader by 1/29. Robynn Albert, 878-4036 or robynnalbert@hotmail.com