10/1 (Sat) Camels Hump
With crystal clear skies and fresh autumn colors, it is up the Monroe Trail, the Dean Trail, north on the Long Trail to the summit. Difficult hike. Leisurely to moderate pace. 8 miles. 2500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Phil Hazen, 355-7181 or philhazen@comcast.net.

10/2 (Sun) Mansfield Forehead
We will ascend via the Butler Lodge trail and the Long Trail North and descend via the Maple Ridge and Rock Garden back to Butler Lodge and out the Butler Lodge Trail. Difficult hike. Strong pace. 6 miles. 2100′ elevation gain. Mark McLane, mmclane44@gmail.com.

10/8-9 (Sat-Sun) Bonds & Twins, NH
Great trip for any White Mtn. Peak baggers. Prime foliage season White Mountain backpack outing. Weather permitting, we will leave VT early Saturday morning and do a car drop at the North Twin Trail off of route 3 NH. We will then head over to Lincoln Woods Trail off the Kangamangus Highway and hike into Bondcliff, and then over to Mt. Bond and West Bond. Then we will camp out at Guyot Campsite, watch the sunset on top of Mt. Guyot and then Sunday head over to South and North Twin and out North Twin Trail. Difficult backpack. 18 miles. Kim Farone, kfarone@yahoo.com.

10/8 (Sat) Camels Hump Loop
We’ll take Forest City Trail to Montclair Glen Lodge, then climb the Long Trail to the Camel’s Hump summit and return along the Burrows Trail. Difficult hike. Moderate to Strong pace. 6 miles. 2400′ elevation gain. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.

10/9 (Sun) Mt Mansfield
With a hint of winter in the air and maybe a little color of Autumn still left we will hike the Butler Lodge Trail,the Wampahoofus to the Forehead and on to the Chin via the Long Trail. And then find a path down. Difficult hike. Moderate to strong pace. 10 miles. 3000′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Phil Hazen, 355-7181 or philhazen@comcast.net.

10/15 (Sat) Bolton to Puffer
We’ll hike up an old abandoned section of the Long Trail from Bolton Valley ski area. At the intersection with the current Long Trail we’ll go north over Bolton Mountain to Puffer Lodge and enjoy the most stunning views on the Long trail. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 7 miles. 2500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Phil Hazen, 355-7181 or philhazen@comcast.net.

10/16 (Sun) Skyline Trail
We will hike up to Stowe Pinnacle to Hogback Mountain to Mt. Hunger along the Skyline Trail. This will require a car drop at the Mt. Hunger trailhead, and the Stowe Pinnacle trailhead. Difficult hike. Moderate to strong pace. 6.3 miles. 2200′ elevation gain. Lindsay Pokorak, lpokorak@gmail.com or 607-242-7420.

10/22 (Sat) Mt Mansfield
We will ascend by the Halfway House trail and pick up the Canyon North and Canyon North extension trails, perhaps Subway to the ridge and then on to the summit. We will descend by Sunset Ridge. Slippery conditions will alter trail selection. Difficult hike. Strong pace. 6.5 miles. Mark McLane, mmclane44@gmail.com.

10/23 (Sun) YAC: Green Mountain Audubon Center
The Young Adventurers Club will meet at the Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington for a walk along the Hires Trail and past Lookout Rock. This is an opportunity for families and their youngest hikers to get out and explore the woods at a comfortable, playful pace on a walk that can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour. Please RSVP to Michelle at colem2003@hotmail.com for more details.

10/23 (Sun) Stimson Mt
Let’s follow the new Stimson Mountain Long Trail relocation from the Winooski Bridge parking lot up and up the LT (north) to a cutoff (which does not actually exist) and bushwhack the last 1/2 mile (some up, some up and down) to the ‘summit’ where there is an abandoned Airway Tower. The Long Trail up is through some wonderful mixed forests and passes a popular rock-climbing location. The trail is in good condition with many switchbacks as it is steep in places. A nice workout. The last part of the walk is a bushwhack as there is no trail whatsoever to the airway tower. Once there, the view south down the Winooski river valley from the is somewhat obscured by trees. About 2 to 2 – 1/2 hours hours up – maybe a bit longer if we get lost thrashing through the woods looking for the airway tower. We will return the same way. Moderate hike. Moderate to Strong pace. 6 miles. 1800′ elevation gain. Ted Albers, ted@ted-albers.net.

10/29 (Sat) Mt Abe
The hike to Mt. Abraham will begin at the Battell Trail head ascending the west side of the mountain to the Battell shelter then to the summit along the Long Trail and return the same way, taking about 4.5 hours. Difficult hike rewarded with spectacular views on the summit.. 5.8 miles. 2533′ elevation gain. Max Seaton, maxyseaton@yahoo.com or 999-3945.

10/30 (Sun) Jerusalem Trail to Mt Stark
We will follow the Jerusalem Trail through a mostly hardwood forest, connecting to the Long Trail at Orvis lookout, then heading north to the summit of Mt. Stark. Moderate hike. Moderate to strong pace. 6.8 miles. 2049′ elevation gain. Lindsay Pokorak, lpokorak@gmail.com or 607-242-7420.