10/5 (Sat) Mt Hunger & White Rock
We’ll climb the Waterbury trail to the summit of Mount Hunger, taking a side trip to the summit of nearby White Rock Mountain on the way back. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 6.5 miles. 2500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 899-9982.

10/6 (Sun) Mt Lincoln, via Lincoln Gap – CANCELLED
Trip cancelled due to trip leader conflict.
From Lincoln Gap we’ll climb Mount Abe, continue to Mt. Lincoln, and return. Moderate hike. Moderate pace. 6.8 miles. 1800′ elevation gain. Group limit 12. Jonathan Breen, ghostman2651@gmail.com or 318-8104.

10/12 (Sat) Eagle Mountain, Milton
Eagle Mountain is the highest point on Lake Champlain in Vermont. This is an easy foliage hike to this little known gem. Kid friendly. Easy hike. Leisurely pace. 2.5-3 miles. 560′ elevation gain. Group limit 8. Dana Baron, dk.baron@comcast.net or 373-8613.

10/13 (Sun) Ravens Ridge
This will be an easy ramble with a few short steep rocky parts, maybe two hours total including a long lunch break. Raven’s Ridge is described as a rocky forest refuge for a variety of wildlife. This Nature Conservancy property stretches from Lewis Creek south along a ridge on the boundary of Charlotte and Hinesburg to a large wetland complex in Monkton. The Conservancy has improved the steep path that gives access the to unusual rock formation below the ridge known as “the oven”. They’ve put in stone steps at the steepest part. Parts of this walk trail are very steep. But I bet you can make it as the whole outing is just a couple of miles with some nice views. Birding enthusiasts should bring binoculars. All should bring a lunch as we will make this a picnic outing. Easy hike. 2 miles. 400′ elevation gain. Ted Albers, ted@ted-albers.net .

10/19 (Sat) Adirondack Surprise!
Count on a 14-15 hour day from A to B with eats and libations planned post-hike! Experienced fast-paced hikers only, please. I’ll think up a fun mountain as date draws near or feel free to share with me what you may want to summit! No dogs allowed and plan on an early VT leave time due to tight parking at many trailheads. Difficult hike. Strong pace. 10-12 miles. Group limit 8. Robynn Albert, robynnalbert@hotmail.com.

10/19 (Sat) Delta Park Bird Monitoring Walk
We’ll meet at 8:30am-11am at Delta Park Bird to observe fall migration of shore birds and waterfowl. Easy walk. 1 miles. Juli Tyson, jstyson17@gmail.com.

10/26 (Sat) Mystery hike
Contact the trip leader for more information. Moderate hike. Wes Volk, wesvolk@gmail.com.

10/27 (Sun) Mt Ellen CANCELLED
Cancelled due to rain forecast.

We’ll climb Mt Ellen via the Jerusalem Trail. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 8.4 miles. 2600′ elevation gain. Jill George, jillghiker@gmail.com.