10/1 (Sat) Colden (ADKs)
We will start from the Adirondack Loj and make our way through Avalanche Pass before summiting Mt. Colden (4711 ft). We’ll then descend via Lake Arnold and make our way back to Marcy Dam and then to the Loj. Mt Colden is well placed in the High Peaks for excellent views in all directions. Note that the ascent from Avalanche Pass is very steep and we will gain roughly 2000 feet over the final 1.4 miles to the summit. This hike is during prime fall season so a very early start out of Vermont is required to be assured of a parking spot at the Loj. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 13 miles. 3400′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Chris Luczynski, frogged@gmail.com.

10/2 (Sun) Tillotson & Belvidere
We’™ll go up the Frank Post Trail to Tillotson Camp and on to Tillotson Peak, then go back south on the LT to Belvidere Mountain, and return on the Forester’s Trail. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 8.5 miles. 2400′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 9/30. David Hathaway, david.hathaway.78@gmail.com or 802-899-9982.

10/8 (Sat) Hike around Mansfield
Cancelled due to forecast of high winds and low wind chills.
From Underhill State Park we’ll climb Laura Cowles to summit, then loop on west and east sides of the ridge, through Subway, Canyon, Lakeview, Amherst, and Cliff Trails, then return on Sunset Ridge. This route has some very difficult sections. $4 State Park day use fee may be in effect. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 11.1 miles. 3500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 10/6. Dale Schmit, dtschmit@gmail.com or 920-850-3744.

10/9 (Sun) Harrington’s View
Climb the Duck Brook trail and LT to Harrington’s View with views of Champlain and Bolton Valleys. Moderate hike. Moderate pace. 6.6 miles. 1600′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Jonathan Breen, ghostman2651@gmail.com or 802-318-8104.

10/16 (Sun) Mansfield via Laura Cowles & Sunset Ridge –  CANCELLED
Cancelled due to leader conflict & lack of signups
From the Underhill State Park trailhead, we will hike up Laura Cowles trail to ridge and take Long Trail to Chin and return via Sunset Ridge Trail. May be icy so spikes may be required. Difficult hike. Moderate pace. 5.2 miles. 2500′ elevation gain. Group limit 10. Contact leader by 10/14. David McColgin, davidmccolgin@yahoo.com or 802-356-9863.

10/22 (Sat) Mt Tabor / FR 10
Come explore side trails and historical sites of the FR10 in The G.M. national forest. Road and Trail hiking involved. Moderate hike. Moderate pace. 8-10 miles. 1000′ elevation gain. Contact leader by 10/10/22. Adam Heckle & Dr. Hinojosa, theheckle123@gmail.com or 802-233-8091.

10/29 (Sat) Shelburne Pond Paddle
We will walk through the paths in UVM’s Achilles Natural Area at Shelburne Pond then go for a paddle. While near the developed areas of Shelburne and South Burlington, this area it encompasses freshwater wetlands, forested uplands, and agricultural lands. Our one mile walk will take us through parts of these environments. Then into our paddle-crafts (assuming it is not too cold) we will explore the various natural areas and points of interest around the pond (of which i am no expert but will have guidebook handy.) If too chilly to paddle we will extend the walk. Lets hope for a clear day. Ted Albers, ted@ted-albers.net.