Pico Camp, late 1930's
Pico Camp, late 1930’s

This shelter was built in 1925 Recent logging has been done near the shelter and it commands open views of Ascutney and Killington [O’Kane. 1926]

This camp is built of peeled balsam logs, open front with stove, bunks for 24, steel roof, a stone fireplace in front, and unfailing water close at hand. In connection with this camp is a shower bath, the only one yet constructed on the whole trail. [GB 7th Edition 1928]

Located in clearing on east slope of Pico Peak. Log construction built in 1924 with bunks for 8 Spring is located 100 ft north on LT. [GB 50th Anniversary Edition 1960 (16th)] cost was over $450 [LT News, Dec 1925]

This shelter has had a face-lifting and is now quite livable Two college students under the direction of Roy Buchanan spent a week repairing the roof and-bunks. They also built a new retaining wall at the front. In the future, Roy recommended that a new building rather than repairs would be in order as the foundation logs are rotting badly [LT News, Feb. 1953]