This has been the seventh annual Map & Compass Course and I continue to learn sometime new every time, so I guess I will do it again next year.

The group met at my house with brief introductions. Starting right off with finding North – there are about two to be concerned with, magnetic north and true north. Once that difference was understood, we went right on to practicing taking field bearings, reading maps and so on.

This group was sharp and ready for a field trip. And so off we went to Indian Brook reservoir and a mile plus bushwhack to Colchester Pond. Navigating through and around beaver dams, small streams, and cliffs the group (taking turns leading) made it right on target by just following a compass bearing from the old map provided. I think it was Daniel Boone who said he was never lost, but sometimes a wee bit befuddled for a couple of days.

Participants: Sheri Larsen, Jim Talbot, Mark Goldstein, Chris Gordon, Joel Tilley.