Seven of us met at the Richmond park and ride at 8:30 on a beautiful cool, sunny day. After waiting a few minutes for a couple maybes, we took four […]
Have you ever wanted to save someone’s life while in the woods? Now’s your chance to learn how.The Green Mounain Club is hosting a two-day wilderness first aid course on […]
A new GMC Burlington board was voted in during the Annual Meeting in January. Fifty-five members approved the following changes: Vice President: Brian Williams replaces Nancy McClellan, who is stepping […]
Seven of us met at 8 AM the Underhill Center lot next to the Underhill historical Society and took two cars up to the winter parking area on the state […]
Ten of us met at the trailhead at 9. We set out around 9:20 in spikes, in preparation for the wide water crossing over Hedgehog Brook just down from the […]
At 10:30am a group of three adults and two children started down the Russell Greene trail inGeorgia, VT. It was a cold day and everyone was bundled tight, even if […]
There was one cancellation that morning. I picked up one hiker in Burlington at 6 AM and we drove to the Richmond Park and Ride to meet up with 4 […]
Three of us met at 5:00 AM in the South Burlington Starbucks parking lot to carpool to the trailhead. We left around 5:15 AM and picked up David at the […]
This hike was double-billed as a GMC Burlington section hike and a Vermont State Parks First Day hike. As part of their 100 year anniversary celebration, the Vermont State Parks […]
Six adults and six children started this short hike at 10:15am. After weeks of on again, off againrain and temperate weather preventing a frozen ground, the trail was a continuous […]
Six of us met at the Middlesex Park and Ride at 8:30. We took two cars and drove in tandem up the confusing back road route to the end of […]
We met at 8:30 at the Underhill Center commuter lot and took three cars up to the Stevensville Road trailhead. It was overcast and in the high 20s as we […]
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