Seven of us met at the Cambridge park & ride at 10:30 and carpooled to the Rt 15 trail-head where we met two more. The trail follows the edge of the meadow, and we got off route almost immediately, as there was a post and a trodden trail before the actual LT turn into the woods. But we quickly reconnected with the trail and continued to the river, where some of us took the ladder down the bank, and some took a more gradual slop off to the side. One of the bottom ends of the ladder is broken, making it a bit unstable. The poison ivy along the trail on the on the island had mostly been cut, though it’s beginning to grow back. But there’s a fair amount along the path up from the bridge to the road. We continued up from the road, but ran into signs saying the overlook is closed until August 1 (the next day!) for Peregrine Falcon nesting. So we followed the rules and headed up to the upped road, where we had lunch before heading back. Participants included: Jordan Mitchell, Fred Royce, Renata Cupertino, Helena & Bill Nicolay, Ellen Bardin , and David Hathaway (leader).