Mile 4.1 — Division 10 — Elev. 3200 ft

This fine log cabin was completed in 1954 by members of the Burlington Section. It is named after Prof. Louis B. Puffer, long active in many capacities in the GMC and at one time president. The lodge has bunk space for 6 to 8. A small brook west of the trail furnishes water. [GB 20th Edition 1971] This was a log cabin which burned in 1974. Prof. Roy O. Buchanan and his son Chester did much of the building of the shelter, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buchanan, Don Havens, Capt. Claude Johnson, Jack Harrington, Roddy Rice, Clifton Havens, and Jerry Grow. It was constructed so that it may be enclosed in the future if so wished. [LT News. Feb. 1954] Twenty members of the Burlington Section gathered to pay tribute to the late Prof. L. B. Puffer and to dedicate a new shelter to his memory Sunday, Sept. 19, 1954. Donald Havens conducted the ceremony speaking of Prof. Puffer’s enthusiasm for hiking and mountain climbing and his enduring service. Mrs. Faulkins spoke on behalf of the family in remembrance of her father. [LT News, Nov.,1954] This Lodge was initially built as a three-sided shelter and was closed in a couple of years later per Roy Buchanan. [LTN Feb. 1975]

When it came time to put the roof on Puffer Camp, corrugated iron roofing was unavailable so, with considerable misgiving, corrugated aluminum was used. The porkies soon riddled that aluminum to the point where the camp had to be re-roofed. I don’t know with what [Reminiscences about Roy Buchanan and the LT, by Chet Buchanan 1998]

This camp was replaced by Puffer Shelter