3.7 Miles south of Bolton RR Station

Buildings in poor condition. Stove in ox stable which affords fair protection from rain and cold. [GB 1st Edition, 1917] It was known that a logging road ran from Bolton wen up on the north slope of Camel’s Hump and there joined an old trail to the summit. This route was worked out in July 1911 by President James P. Taylor, GMC, Prof. R. E. Upson, and Mr. E. H. Allen. Guide boards were put up, the route blazed and cleared and became the first portion of the Long Trail to be put in service. The trip begins picturesquely with a ferry boat ride across the Winooski River opposite Bolton Station, where the trail follows a large brook. The distance to the Summit is 6 miles, and the easy grade, except, as usual, the last mile. Two miles below the Summit an abandoned lumber camp offers shelter. [“The Making of the Long Trail” By Lewis J. Paris, M.D., Chairman State Membership Committee of the Green Mountain Club]