Maeve says: There was an error in the September issue of Ridge Lines that could prove fatal to hikers!

In haste, I mixed up black bears and brown bears. I recommended standing up to a brown bear – DEFINITELY not a good idea! Here’s the corrected paragraph:

Bears There are many black bears in Vermont, although chances are you’ll never see one while hiking. If you do, stand still and make some noise. Don’t turn and run. Bears don’t have good eyesight and might not see a human approaching. They might respond aggressively to being startled. Many apparent threats from black bears are more frightening than dangerous. The animals stamp their feet, growl, make a few forward movements, and then retreat. If a black bear does charge (a rare occurrence), threaten it right back. Make yourself look tall by holding your hands or your backpack above your head. Clap, yell, hit a tree with a stick. If the animal does attack, don’t play dead. (That sometimes works with grizzlies but not with black bears.) Fight back. Punch and kick.