Seth Warner Camp, 1965
Seth Warner Camp, 1965

Located in an overgrown clearing, this frame structure with bunks for 8 was built by the LT Patrol for the Bennington Section in 1938.

Brook water is 150 ft to the east [GB 17th Edition 1963]

The cost of this camp was $158 [LT News, May 1939]

This shelter has been abused in recent years and is in bad condition and will be taken down. [LT News, August 1965]

June 28, 1964. I arrived at camp with a big bucket of water at 1:15 PM Two boys in their early teens were there hunting chipmunks with their new twenty-two rifles They had some trophies. They decided to build a fire in the camp stove when they got back to camp. I got up from my nap and sat outside in the shade as I know it would be too hot to rest in the camp. They proceeded to get the cabin on fire. The kids were very alert and threw a lot of the flaming materials out of the cabin door and finished off the job with my big bucket of water. At sunset Richard and Betty Church arrived at camp after a very long tiring day. We made room for them and helped them with a fire as I recall. Water is a valuable commodity [Paul Woodward]