The first order of business was to rebuild the engine of a participant’s car so that we could make the trip south to Mt. Ascutney. After completing the mechanical part of the trip, everything else was downhill. Well, except for the part about hiking up the mountain.

We met our sixth group member at the trailhead and proceeded up the mountain at a comfortable pace. On the way up we visited a nice waterfall, observed some geology, and discussed cultural issues and the possible reasons why mosquitoes and black flies prefer some people over others.

At the top we made sure we did the all important task of bagging the peak. Then we climbed the observation tower and had lunch. After the hike we all agreed that Pokeman was not one of mankinds greatest achievments.

Participants: Kathy Adams, Carolyn Elliot, Phil Hazen, Sandy Kim, Phil Schlosser, Tom Stone.