Mile 15.1 — Division 7 — Elev. 3320 ft

Construction of the lodge began in the fall of 1952. The cabin is constructed of spruce logs, oakum caulked, with inner dimension 14′ x 16′. The flooring and perch are of creosoted rough lumber. It has four windows. a Dutch door, and asphalt shingled roof. Inside are two double bunks. a loft and a sturdy cast iron stove. It is equipped with a fire extinguisher. [LT News, Nov. 1954]

This log constructed camp was completed in 1954 on a bluff overlooking Skylight Pond, a small lake only slightly lower than the adjacent summits. It was built by the Middlebury Mountain Club with a loft and bunk space for about 10 persons. Water was available at a nearby spring. It is located about the same spot as its predecessor. This was in use from 1954 to 1986. [GB 23rd Edition 1985]

Whereas, you were born at 4:00 AM in Skyline Cabin on the Long Trail in the Green Mountains of Vermont and

Whereas, you were born by the light of a single flickering candle deep in the Wilderness and at an elevation of 3400′ at a place remote from medical facilities and

Whereas, you were born the son of Linda and Jonathan Sewell, ardent hikers, and lovers of the mountains of Vermont and

Whereas, you are the first known person to be born on the Long Trail and to be exposed, although unknowingly, the youngest age of anyone to the warmth and cheerfulness of a lodge on the Long Trail and

Whereas, when you were only a couple of hours old you made your first adventure onto the Long Trail by being carried on it in a portable incubator and

Whereas, the Green Mountain Club, the organization that built and maintains the Long Trail is honored by your historic entry into the world. therefore it is

Resolved, by the Trustees of the Green Mountain Club that you shall be an Honorary Junior Member of the Club until you are twenty-one years of age with all the rights and privileges of membership extended to you by the trustees.

Dated October 3, 1970, in Rutland, Vermont