Born Pond Shelter, 1959
Born Pond Shelter, 1959

in 1957 the remains of old hunting camps were reconstituted into Bourn Pond Shelter. [LT News Feb 1969]

Bourn Pond Shelter, 1957. Putney Summer Work Camp, reconstruction of two old fishing camps, new site. [LT News Feb 1969]

It was built in 1957 by the Putney Summer Work Camp. Of log construction with an open doorway, this shelter provides bunks for 8. Water is at a spring 250 ft east of the shelter. [GB 18th Edition 1966]

Named Bourn Pond Shelter. [GB 17th Edition 1963]

This location is very nice. We have camped at this site since we started backpacking in 1963. As recently as 1995, this area had only minimal campers however, people have found Bourn Pond and the shelter and sites along the Pond get heavy use now. It has been used from 1966 to present. [Paul Woodward]

This shelter was intentionally burned by the USFS in 2005 [LT News Spring 2005]