We had a great turnout of 14 for working on the Long Trail between Taylor and Butler and Nebraska Notch Trail, Clara Bow Trail and Butler Lodge Trail and the day turned out to be beautiful weather. We split up, with one crew going to Butler. They had a lot of cutting to do. They also got some trees that were on the Wampahoofus Trail. The others worked on Nebraska Notch (lots of drainage clearing), with a sub-group going on to Taylor and returning via Clara Bow Trail. the biggest blow down was just before Twin Brooks tenting area. All the groups gatherd at Twin Brooks and headed straight down.

The workers were Jonathan Sands, Heather Hinman, Sun Kim, Bill Moore, Phil Hazen, Peter Kassel, Carol Irish, Scott Alberson, Tom Hall, Leanne Shulman, Ben Feldman, Dave Hathaway, Larry Gagne and leader Pam Gillis. Many thanks to everyone for a great work day!