Two days of record-breaking temperatures brought forth a profusion of wildflowers for our May 1st walk at Niquette Bay State Park. Thirteen people eagerly searched for different species along the wooded trails. Most numerous were white trillium, bloodroot, spring beauty, wild ginger and pink, white and blue hepatica, but we identified many others, including large flowered bellwort, blue cohosh, and miterwort, a total of fifteen species in bloom. Unusual morel mushrooms, wrinkled like brain tissue, were growing beside the trail near the bay. We found the usual Vermont woodland ferns as well as two tiny ferns we couldn’t identify, one with a red stem. A group from UVM, studying ferns in the park, had unfortunately passed by when we needed them. Multiple eyes for spotting, many minds for discussing, and a variety of guidebooks for verifying made for a lovely time.

Participants: Brenda Bergstrom, Olga Unaua, Joy Pashby, Carlene Squires, Daniel Stein, Judith Stein, Gabriel Stein, Carol Chapman.