LT Mile 199.1 — Division 10 — Elev. 3030 ft

The LT News of Dec. 1926 carries a report that the tireless worker, Fred W. Mould of Morrisville, has built a new cabin of balsam logs at Sterling Pond. E. P. Dickinson with Andrew noted in GB 7th Edition 1928 that this was one of the best shelters on the trail. The long-awaited new camp at Sterling Pond was finished. It is a closed cabin built of logs and will accommodate ten or twelve. [LT News, Dec. 1927]

A few rods to the south, fairly good water may be found except in dry seasons. When the quality is poor, the pond water will answer for making coffee. [GB 8th Edition 1930]

Sterling Pond Lodge under construction, 1926
Sterling Pond Lodge under construction, 1926

The LT Patrol rebuilt this shelter in summer of 1939. [LT News, Sept.,1938] The cost of this lodge was $325.00. [LT News, May 1939]

This lodge burned in 1950. [GB 19th Edition 1968]

Green Mountain Trail Camp Bums at Sterling Pond Morrisville, July 6. Word was received this morning that Sterling Pond Camp on the LT burned to the ground late yesterday. The fire was discovered by 2 unidentified men who were fishing on Sterling Pond, but they were unable to save it. The exact cause of the fire is unknown. but it was probably due to the inexcusable carelessness of some inconsiderate user of the lodge. The only thing we’re sure of is that it was not due to defective wiring since the camp was built by an Electrical Engineer. [LT News, August 1950]