Mile 8.6 — Division AT1 — Elev. 1360 ft

The Tobiasons triumph again. On the weekend of July 26,27, 1997, Erik and Laurel

Tobiason and crew completed this shelter. Located in a picturesque setting in a stand of old trees, Stony Brook is situated near a good water supply and located about 0.8 miles south on the Appalachian Trail from the old shelter.

For the Tobiasons, building Stony Brook was more complicated than the construction of Winturri Shelter. The time and people it takes to locate a site for a new shelter was a new experience for us. Environmental historical and geological studies had to be completed before it could be started.

The materials were donated by Bethel Mills and purchased with a $1000. donation from LL Bean. Bethel Mills Co. trucked the materials to a logging road near the new site. The Tobiason’s 4-wheel drive tractor hauled them the rest of the way via a rough hilly skid road. Along the skid road we tore first one then another tire completely from-the rim of the trailer, but not a load was lost.

Of course, the new shelter needed an outhouse, so Ottauquechee Section members Harry Temple, Glenn Wheelock, Paul Magoon and Don Whitney (who incidentally seem to always get involved with outhouses) moved the one from the old site by pickup truck and tractor to the new location and placed it on a new pit and foundation. Thanks go to everyone who worked on this shelter. [Don Whitney. LTN Winter 1997]