After many days of rain, we finally got a sunny one for this trip! We met at the Waterbury park & ride at 9 AM, spotted a car at Waterbury trailhead, then drove to the Pinnacle Meadows parking area and got on the trail about 9:45. The trail to Stowe Pinnacle was quite crowded with people and dogs, and we reached the summit about 10:50. After hanging around the Stowe Pinnacle summit for a bit, we started up the Hogback trail about 11:10. We expected to see very few people after we left the Stowe Pinnacle trail, but there were actually quite a few. It had been years since I’d done the Hogback Trail, and was pleased to find a new set of stairs at what used to be the most treacherous point on the trail. We reached the Skyline Trail junction around 12:30. Although it was sunny and pleasant, the trails were very wet from recent rains. There are a few bits of new puncheon along the Skyline Trail, but they are vastly outnumbered by the many (and sometimes deep) mud bogs. We all got to practice our balance beam walking on logs and long jumps between bits of rock sticking out of the mud holes. We reached the Hunger summit around 3:15, and got back to the Waterbury trailhead around 5. Participants: Marta Parys, Jill Georg, Rob Gordon, David Hathaway (leader).