Forester named Bourne at Foresters' Lodge on Stratton Mountain, 1921
Forester named Bourne at Foresters’ Lodge on Stratton Mountain, 1921

Substantial log hut. Bunks and stove. Camp not locked. [GB 1st Edition 1917]

At the top was a sixty-foot steel observatory commanding a view of all the southern part of the State; this was damaged by a gale in January 1921. There is a spring and log cabin a few hundred feet down the east slope which has been given over to hedgehogs but may afford shelter in an emergency. [GB 3rd Edition 1921]

This Lodge is built of huge logs, is small, and has but one spare bunk besides that of the watchman. There is a telephone installed that connects with a farmhouse in the valley on the east side. [GB 4th Edition 1922]

Foresters' Lodge, Stratton Mountain
Foresters’ Lodge, Stratton Mountain