In 1970, another cabin was built atop Stratton and was placed between the 1928 cabin and the fire tower. This cabin was a prefabricated log cabin produced by Green Mountain Cabins of Chester. Vt, and was much larger than the 1928 cabin. It was built during the summer of 1970 from July through September, under the direction of Junior A. Harwood, the Supervisor of Vt. Fire District #4. The story goes that the building was purchased from Green Mt. Cabins, who guaranteed free delivery to the site anywhere in Vermont. The contract was signed by all parties before Green Mt. Cabins discovered that the site was at the top of Stratton Mt. Supposedly, they reluctantly fulfilled their contract and went out of business shortly thereafter. The prefabricated logs were brought to the top of the north summit by tracked vehicle from the base lodge of Stratton Ski Resort and then along the ridge to the south summit site. Carpenter ants, porcupines. and a general assault from mother nature quickly deteriorated the new cabin. It was intentionally burned in February 1995, and the debris was removed the following summer. [History of Stratton, Vt. by D. K. Young]