Sunrise Camp, late 1930's
Sunrise Camp, late 1930’s

This camp was built in 1925 near the old Goshen Lodge location. It was used until 1963 as I remember thinking that it was in bad shape when Keith Edson and I passed it. [Paul Woodward] It was a steel camp built by the GMC with funds gifted by Redfield Proctor by the Proctor Section. 11 had bunks for 8 to 10 persons. Water was at the adjacent brook. It was in use from 1925 to 1966 when it still provided shelter but not maintained. Capacity is now 4 persons. [1955 Supplement to GB 14th Edition 1951]

Mentioned in O’Kane, 1926, as a new closed shelter owned by the Club, located about 3/4 mile from Brandon Gap. This camp has been repaired and now has bunks for 10. [LT News, May 1960]