Swezey Camp, 1932
Swezey Camp, 1932

At the Buck Job lumbering center there was a building known as Swezey Camp which was fitted up by the GMC with bunks and a stove. [O’Kane, 1926]

The large camp at Swezey’s at the Buck Job near Prospect Rock has been thoroughly renovated and repaired and will be used as one of the club shelters. [The Green Mountain News, Dec. 1923]

Buck Job was first mentioned in Dr. Lewis Paris’s “The Making of the Long Trail” in 1914.

The Swezey camp at the Buck Job was nearby ruined by lumbermen and hunters last winter. so that another building nearby was made suitable for the purpose after repairing. This was purchased and is now the permanent property of the Club. [LT News. Dec. 1927]

This camp has an open front, with stove. and bunks. It is 300 ft off the trail to the right and is not in sight from the trail. but is beyond the lumber shacks which are visible. [GB 9th Edition 1932]

This camp was burned during the summer. The Wallingford Section is preparing to rebuild. [LT News, Nov. 1932]