After the usual rounds of sign ups, wait lists, cancellations, and confirmations, we settled to a list of 12 people who said they would be coming … and everyone showed up! Ten of us met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot and took 2 cars up to meet the other 2 people who had driven to the trailhead, where there were few remaining parking spots. After introductions we got started up Nebraska Notch Trail around 9:20. Weather was great, sunny and pleasant with a breeze that reduced (but did not eliminate) the black flies and mosquitos. We made good time, reaching Taylor Lodge around 10:40. After snacks we climbed to the lookout over Lake Mansfield just to east of the Lodge. Everyone seemed to have had an easy time on the way up, so I suggested we might try Clara Bow on the way back, and all were in favor. After threading our way through the Clara Bow cave we rejoined the LT and got back to the cars around 1 PM. Participants: Tom Nold, Mary Lou Reuter, Chris, Kathleen, Lauri Pointer, Diana Kyser, Nancy Kahn, Brian Schwartz, Carla Van de Walle, Craig Avedisian, Phil, David Hathaway (leader).