After having up to 16 people interested in the hike and a waitlist, we ended up having 6 people meet at the Underhill Center commuter lot at 9 AM, take two up to the Stevensville trailhead, and start up Nebraska Notch trail around 9:20.

The weather was unbelievable warm for early November, near 70 F, and many of us were hiking comfortably in t-shirts. We reached Taylor Lodge a little after 11 and had a leisurely lunch with another group of two mothers and their children.

After lunch we went up to the Lake Mansfield lookout, then checked out the mouldering privy (and I refilled the shavings bucket), since some of us had been talking about the kinds of LT privies on the way up. We started back around noon, and reached the cars around 1:30.

Participants: Maia Zawilinski, Fred Royce, Kathleen, Joshua Golek, Mary Lou, David Hathaway (leader).