The New York Section maintained a camp for many years on Lake Tiorati in Bear Mountain-Harriman Section of the Palisades Interstate Park. The deal to take over Thendara was closed in the fall of 1922 and the camp opened with Bill and Beth Barclay as chairmen of the committee. The camp was supported by raising the section dues by one dollar a year, with the understanding that the money would be returned to the treasury when it was no longer needed. This was done in 1928 when for a time the camp was self-supporting. Thendara proved an ideal recreation spot. Community cooking was instituted in 1927. In winter, water had to be carried by pail from the pump house, a test of manhood being to carry two pails, 700 feet uphill without stopping or sliding in the snow. Developments in the 28 years of camp life include enlargement of the main cabin, installation of a motorized pump and electric lights, canned gas with a modern stove and the building of an incinerator by club members The 2 canoes increased to 6 and an aluminum rowboat. Bathing facilities have been installed Many trails have been constructed to nearby points of interest such as the old Hogen Camp Mine Today Thendara is a part of the club life of every active member whether he chooses to skate, ski, swim, canoe, sail, attend the Bird census or just loaf [LT News Feb. 1950]

On October 1. 1972, on a beautiful sunny day, the NY Section celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Camp Thendara. A great turnout of 134 members and guests gathered [LTN Nov 1972]

Camp Thendara, 1923
Thendara Lodge, 1923