Six of us met at 8 AM at the Cambridge park & ride, carpooled up to the trailhead on Tillotson Road in Lowell, and started up the Frank Post Trail at 8:55. It was cool and sunny as we headed up, and we reached Tillotson Camp around 10.

After some snacks we headed north on the LT toward Tillotson, reaching it around 10:40. There’s been some great new trail building to bypass to the west of some of the wet spots, but we didn’t see it on the way up. So even though the trail was generally drier than we’d expected, we still got some wet feet. But on the way down we followed the new (but incomplete) trail and stayed drier. Some really nice stone work being done there.

We followed the LT south back past Tillotson Camp and Lockwood Pond, and reached the Belvidere spur trail around 1:30, and the Belvidere fire tower around 1:45. After climbing up to take in the views we headed down the Foresters Trail. Lockwood Brook was lower than expected, so the crossing was easier than usual. We reached the cars around 4.

Participants: Juliet Barash, Barb Johnson, Steve Titcomb, Luis Perez, Ellen Arapakos, David Hathaway (leader).