They say quality rather than quantity is the key sometimes. Well, that was the case on the most recent GMC Hunger hike. Phil, Jack and I headed out from the Richmond Park and Ride around 9 am. Cloudy skies were on the horizon and Phil and I debated the forecast, which was vastly different from one another’s. As Phil and Jack have vast hiking experience, I had the good fortune to hear their stories firsthand. 98% of the day’s conversation was hiking, 2% of the up and down stock market of the previous week. Yikes! to the latter and glad it was only a minute portion.

Made good time on the way up with one brief break. Very fogged in at the summit, where we spent about 40-45 minutes. Shortly after heading down, met Mark, current GMC member who grew up in the area but now lives in NH. He and Phil know many of the same GMC folks so more stories were shared. Mark raved about the hiking in the Whites, Phil and I the Adks., our home mountain area, but we all love the Greens, no doubt about it!

Despite the lack of a view at the top of Hunger, all was not lost for the day. Made the necessary top at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Waterbury Center and hit the new-relocated Cabot store, where Phil and I proceeded to fill our faces with every cheese sample ever created by the fine sample people at Cabot. I think Jack made out with the better end of the bargain, purchasing a whole block!

Participants – Phil Hazen, Jack Lutz, Robynn Albert trip leader.