The weather was more like Spring than Winter. The forecast for Burlington was for temperatures in the 50s, and the temperate where we were on the hike was probably in the 40s. The trail had many open wet areas. The water in some brooks was high, and some were difficult to cross. Snow bridges collapsed, sending a few in for an early swim.

We reached Montclair Glen shelter, and rested and snacked. Two participants opted to return to their car, as walking through so much water had made our boots soaking wet and our feet cold. This was an ideal day for rubber boots. The remaining four participants decided to go continue up, using snowshoes from the shelter to the summit. When we reached Mount Ethan Allen our view was non-existent.

A front came through bringing clouds, a bit of rain, and a wild wind. The weather was changing again on our return to Montclair Glen shelter. Blue sky and sunshine returned. It was a bit of an adventure, but everyone reported that they had a good time and enjoyed the hike. It is worth carrying extra socks and mittens when hands and feet might get wet and cold.

Participants – Susan and Stuart Stevens, Mark Blanchard, Carl Theodore, Andy and Carlene Squires.