This was one of those early winter hikes where there is no snow in the valley, and you have no idea how much is up high. And, of course, the popular trails like Burrows are usually so packed down by traffic that snowshoes are not needed, unless there has been significant snow the previous night. So, we all left the Burrows Trail-head with snowshoes lashed to our packs, just in case. Almost everyone wore some form of foot traction device, from Yak-traks to full crampons.

On the way up, each of us realized that he / she was dressed for full winter, and it really was not all that cold, so there were significant “wardrobe adjustments” as we went along. We went up pretty much split into two groups, but all rejoined at the hut clearing for the summit hike.

The thermometer near the summit read 14 degrees, and it had started to snow lightly – but the sun was sometimes visible as a faint but clearly defined orb. After each person dutifully walked over the summit marker, we all retreated to the hut clearing for snacks, and then back down. T

he total hike, including all the stops, was just under 3.5 hours from trailhead to trailhead – a good pace for a winter trip.

Participants – Judy Bond, Chuck Bond, Robert Riversong, Robynn Albert, Phil Hazen, Heather Allin, Tabitha , Lynda Hutchins, Jim Ulager, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen