What do you get when you cross a post-Turkey Day celebration with 15 folks who need to work off that extra food? Why, a GMC outing, that is what!! This was also a multi-state outing as well – representing NH, MA, OH, CT and of course, VT, we set out from the trailhead mid-morning. The day was a bit cloudy but that did not dampen anyone’s spirits to be out on a holiday weekend. Plus the temp was super – high 30’s at the base. Folks who had never met soon began to converse about hiking, where they are from, what brought them to hiking on this day and so on.

The clearing hut 3/10 of a mile from the summit proved a good stopping point for a quick snack or lunch for most. Our NH rep, Mark, gave a brief history of the Alpine Trail plane wreck which most were not aware of. The summit was a brief visit, as visibility was nearly non-existent and the winds had stirred up. Jim from MA announced just before the marker that this was his first 4,000 footer – cause for a brief cheering celebration! The sun popped out just for a moment as we began our descent.

More snacks and stories again at the hut, then descent time. Always interesting listening to the conversations that arise. And who knew all the lyrics to the Beverly Hillbillies??? Robert did! That started a brief singing stint of various show theme songs that were watched when we were kids or younger adults. Lots of fun! Also, Lynda talked about a trip that she and Phil were on three summers ago to the Yukon with four others. Now THAT sounded like a good time was had by all! The sun broke through and the sky was blue, blue, blue! by the time we were back at the trailhead.

The day ended with refreshments, chocolate and pretzels along with a Turkey Trivia Quiz….does anyone know what the name of the skin is that hangs from a turkey’s neck?? Carl did!

Participants – Robert Chaperon, Jenifer Jany, Mark Blanchard, Walker Christie, Taylor Christie, Kelley Mackison, Christopher Morris, Miguel Bosse, Phil Hazen, Lynda Hutchins, Robert Riversong, Mary MacDonald, James Hutchins, Carl Theodore, Robynn Albert