After last minute cancellations reduced the party from 5 to 2, Robynn and David met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot and drove up to park outside the closed gates of the Underhill State Park. Robynn set a brisk pace and we quickly climbed to open rock of Sunset Ridge, where we entered the clouds and donned snowshoes.

From there on up the visibility became progressively worse, until we reached the summit at noon, where the visibility was absolutely zero. It was so bad we used a GPS to confirm we had reached the summit, which was a first for me, though Robyn said she had the same thing happen on a trip up Mansfield last March. Between the base of the West Chin and the summit we ran into a couple groups who were climbing Mansfield for the first time, and were glad for the directions we could give them.

When we got back down to the Sunset Ridge trail junction, we decided that continuing over the open ridge in a whiteout wouldn’t be too smart, so we abandoned the planned ridge walk and went back down Sunset Ridge, getting back to the park gates at around 1:30 PM.

Participants – Robynn Albert, David Hathaway