I think we fully submerged ourselves in “Peak Weekend” in the Lincoln Gap area. Our group started off from the crowded Lincoln Gap parking lot up the 1.7 mile journey to Battell shelter. At Battell shelter, we regrouped, ate some snacks, posed for pictures then continued another .9 miles to the Mt. Abe peak.

Our group was lucky to have not 1, but 2 amazing photographers join our trip. Aaron snapped some action shots as we climbed carefully up the rocks, while Bob gathered us for a group photo at the summit. Nitika (one of the dogs) posed perfectly for the camera, while Trigger thought her best side was her tail end. Nonetheless, it is a great shot capturing our pure excitement to be on one of the most beautiful mountains, on one of the most beautiful days, during one of the most beautiful foliage seasons I’ve seen.

We fell into a nice rythym on the way back down, socializing with new faces, and eager to have some more of the ginger snap cookies back at the parking lot.

Participants: Taylor Christie, Jeanne Kellner, Bob Chaperon and Nitika (his dog), Jan Grady, Mary Beth Maloney, Russ Kinnaman, Robynn Albert, Aaron LeClerc, Robert Riversong

Trip Leader: Kelley Mackison and Trigger (her dog)