It was a nice cool morning as we headed north on the LT, stopping by to visit Jay Camp. There was a SoBo just packing up after having spent the night there. It was his first experience with the LT, and was hoping to do the whole trail – and seemed very happy on the trail.

Our steady ascent seemed easy as we soon topped out to find Carmen perched on this nice flat cement spot, where we all regrouped and had out lunch. A steady breeze kept the summer bugs to a minimum. We had very good views of the new golf course being constructed this summer at Jay Peak.

After the great views and a nice rest, we then headed down the main ski trails to the lodge where we had stashed a car. It was a very nice day to be out, and everyone seemed to enjoy. There is something relaxing about the northern sections of the LT, with fewer people, less noise – it seems more peaceful. It was an excellent beginning to a three-day weekend.

Participants – Wendy Savoie (and Maggie the wonder dog), Rachel Moulton, Dot Myer, Carmen Trombley, Pete Saile, and Victoria (whose last name was not recorded.)