We went up the Old Carriage Road from the south to the summit of Mooselauke. There were just a few other vehicles in the parking area, and we were not sure it we were in the right place, but we were, and up we went.

The trail was wide and easy to follow the whole way. Since it had been a carriage road, the grade was never too steep. It took about 3 hours to the top. We lounged around on the summit for about 30 minutes as clouds swirled around, with humid air that seemed like it might want to thunderstorm – but it never did. The trip down was quicker, only being about 2 hours. There were typical fall flowers along the trail – goldenrods and asters, with some turtleheads thrown in for variety.

Almost everyone made it to the summit.

Participants – Jenny Lynch, Peter Cottrell, Carmen Trombley, Pat Collier, Peggy Faucher, James McDougall, Rachel Moulton, Doug Ransford, Tim Coughlin, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen