We went up the Monroe Trail from the winter lot, making a trip of about 4 miles each way. New snow had fallen Thursday, and the trail seemed pretty much unbroken, with 2” to 9” of powder in various places. Snowshoes were not needed and were not used. It took us a little over 3 hours to the summit, then 2.5 hours down, for a total time of 5 ¾ hours. Two had to turn back at the hut clearing because of time constraints.

The very top had ice-on-rock, high winds and almost no snow – typical for Camels Hump in early winter. Most used crampons, ‘yak-traks’, or ‘stabil-icers’ in the upper portion. The day was generally cloudy, with a temperature of 20 degrees at the hut clearing.

Participants – Cilla Kimberly, Jerry Lasky, Barry Goodman, Peter Cottrell, Robert Riversong, Eric Jenness, Karen Tyler, Sheri Larsen, Richard Larsen.