At 3,037′, Spruce Mountain isn’t the highest peak in the area, but the 4 of us seemed to squeeze the best out of the crummy weather (visibility from atop the tower – poor with blowing rain and mist) and a Friday out of the office. Oh, what I am really referencing is 2 of the hikers, Karl and Jack are retired!! Linda and I are still working for the man, but Linda delivered a wonderful growler of beer homemade by her husband Rich (many thanks Rich!!!!!). Brie and crackers by Karl, pretzels by Jack and homemade pesto by Pete. OK, we had a fun time with a little repast and had a chance to enjoy each others’ company……for 2 hrs. Jack reports!!!!

Actually, isn’t this just what James P. Taylor referenced regarding hiking and the Long Trail? While not on the LT, all attendees were LT members and a good time was had by all.

John Muir stated: “Climb those mtns and grab their good tidings”. WE DID. Had it been clear, we would have been treated to spectacular views in all directions. When you do hike it, bring your binocs.

Hiking time: approx 1.5 hrs. Degree of difficulty: easy with a little steepness at the top. Suitable for families.

Participants: Linda Evans, Jack Lutz, Karl Riemer, Pete Saile.