It seemed that a lot of people had done a lot of Camel’s Hump hikes this winter, so turnout was fairly low for this event. We had a good day, with very light snow and temperatures around 10 degrees at the start and on the summit. The trail was packed snow, but never ice, so it was relatively soft. Most used snowshoes from the start. We headed up about 9:20 AM from the winter lot, and reached the top almost exactly three hours later.

The top was cloudy, with a wind probably 20-25 mph, but generally benign weather for a mountaintop at mid-winter in Vermont. The trip down was quicker, being made in two hours, including a 15 minute lunch break in the trees at the Alpine Trail junction. Some would have run down in probably an hour, but the leader’s knees would never survive going down that fast. We were back in the cars around 2:20 PM, and heading home.

Participants – Phil Hazen, Phil Howard, Bill Moore, Richard Larsen.